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First 2 signings for Josef Mansueto

Thursday 7 June 2018

Defender Emerson Vella
Goalkeeper Fredrick Tabone

Defender Emerson Vella and Goalkeeper Fredrick Tabone with Dr. Duncan Borg Myatt

Newly appointed head coach Josef Mansueto has made defender Emerson Vella and goalkeeper Fredrick Tabone his first signings.

Gudja United started boosting their squad for the upcoming season with the first two signings for this campaign.

Goalkeeper Fredrick Tabone was confirmed and awarded a one year contract extension following the good impressions left during the past season.

Everyone at the Club is happy that the goalkeeper is recovering well from his knee operation and that he will soon start his training to re-enforce his strength.

The second signing for Mr. Mansueto is Emerson Vella. Born & grown in Gudja, Emerson is only returning to his parent club after some years playing at the highest levels.

He returned to embrace our project and make this Club one of the greatest and play at the highest level together.

We welcome both players with great enthusiasm and hope it will be a great season for both of them and the Club.

Written by Malcolm Bugeja

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