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Gudja United fail to beat Marsa

Sunday 7 October 2018

 Gudja United fail to beat Marsa

Starting squad against Marsa FC

Poor finishing, missed opportunities and a disgraceful level of refereeing condemn Gudja United to another goalless draw. It was a match that was totally controlled by Gudja United throughout the whole 90 minutes.

In the first half, Gudja had various scoring opportunities with Shalon Diacono, Jonathan Bondin, Sergio Hili, Jackson Lima and Alexis Ramos all coming close to open the score sheet but their efforts failed either due to missed opportunities or to the opposing Goalies efforts.

The second half was a photo copy of the first one, with Gudja continuously on the attack. Jackson Lima tried from a direct free kick and Adolphus Marshall had his chance from long distance whilst Jonathan Bondin and Alexis Ramos tried their luck by heading following a corner situation.

The most dangerous opportunities happened to Alexis Ramos, whose efforts were lost due to lack of promptness inside the small box, Jackson Lima whose shot passed just over the bar from a very favourable situation and George Chircop who saw his almost certain goal being stopped just over the goal line.

Marsa were barely seen into the match, without having a single shot towards Gudja Goalie throughout the whole 90 minutes.

In the second half, Marsa were not even capable of at least going out from their own half. Their players were only seen to either just clear the ball away, fall on the ground to lose important seconds or for causing continuous arguments with Gudja players, with the referee failing to take action in most cases.

To top it off, in the 85th minute a very suspicious handball situation in the Marsa area, saw all Gudja Players protest for a penalty but once again no action was taken by the referee.

Written by Malcolm Bugeja

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