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10 men Gudja United beat Qrendi FC

Monday 5 November 2018

  10 men Gudja United beat Qrendi FC

10 men Gudja stun Qrendi and move up to the sixth place in the First Division. Josef Mansueto's side grabbed their third win this season, the second in the League, after beating Qrendi FC 3-2 even though a Gudja player was sent off just 30 minutes into the match.

Gudja went one up early in the match when Sergio Hili scored from close range after Rafa Kooh Sohna failed to conclude from a very good position.

Qrendi grabbed one back at the 20th minute with a powerful effort from long distance which was also deflected by Gudja centre back.

Things seemed to go to worse for Gudja as Miguel Attard was shown the second yellow card at the 30th minute. But the collective effort from the Gudja side prevailed over Qrendi and came back to score two more.

It was Jackson Lima that converted a penalty in the 44th minute after Qrendi goalkeeper tripped Rafa Kooh Sohna in the box to end the first half 2-1.

The second half started as the first ended, with Qrendi trying to put pressure on Gudja, but Gudja were strong with their counter attacks and in the 61st minute, Rafa Kooh Sohna headed over the Qrendi Goalkeeper and made them three.

The remainder of the match followed exactly the same pattern, with Qrendi playing the ball but Gudja always fierce with the counter attacks, with Rafa Kooh Sohna failing to score one more on three occasions.

Qrendi pulled one back in the 85th minute to make the final result more respectable.

Written by Malcolm Bugeja

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