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Gudja United 1000th Official League Match

Saturday 9 February 2019

 Gudja United 1000th Official League Match

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Team history and statistics provided by Lennard Kelder |

This Monday in the match against Vittoriosa Stars FC valid for the Maltese 1st Division League, Gudja United FC will be playing its official 1000th League Match. Included are Championship Deciders as well as Promotion and relegation play-offs but it excludes F.A Trophy matches or matches played in any other trophy or cup.

Gudja United's 1000 matches have been played during the course of a 70 year long history. In theory, the Club was founded in 1945 but its first official season was the 1949-1950 season.

In the process of these years, Gudja played 12 official seasons in Malta's 4th tier, 44 Seasons in Malta's 3rd tier and 14 seasons in Malta's 2nd tier (including the ongoing season). In the course of the years the set-up of the Maltese League changed format on several occasions, but one drastic measure took place in the 1980-1981 season when the name of the highest tier of Maltese football changed from 1st Division to Premier Division. Subsequently all the other divisions' names were changed to what are now known as the Premier, the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd Division.

4th tier: In this tier Gudja played for 12 Seasons (1 season as it was still known then as the 4th Division and 11 with the new format). During its only season in the Old 4th Division, Gudja won its first ever Championship after beating St. Peter's 2-1 in the Title Decider match and was therefore crowned Champions of the Maltese 4th Division . In the season 2004-2005 Gudja United were crowned 3rd division Champions. In total Gudja United played 184 matches in this tier, and registered 79 Wins, Drew 42 and Lost 69. 293 Goals were scored and 216 were conceded.

3rd tier: In Malta's 3rd tier Gudja enjoyed most of the Club's long history, where it played for a total of 44 seasons (28 of which were enjoyed in the Old 3rd Division, whilst the other 16 seasons follow after the change). 26 out of the 28 seasons played in the Old 3rd Division represent the initial years of the Club where only 3 tiers were still in stand. Gudja played a total of 536 matches in this tier in which Won 194, Drew 116 and lost 226. In total 636 Goals were scored whilst 703 were conceded. Last season, Gudja United were crowned as Champions of Malta's 2nd Division for the first time after beating St. Lucia 3-1 in a Title Decider match.

2nd tier: Gudja played for a total of 14 seasons in Malta's 2nd tier. (2 of which in the old 2nd Division, whilst the other 12 seasons have been enjoyed in the modern 1st Division). 255 matches have been played in this tier, 67 were won, 72 went to neither side whilst 116 were lost. A total of 287 goals were scored and 439 have been conceded.

In the process of the 999 matches played so far Gudja scored 1259 goals and conceded 1391. 350 matches have been won, 236 drew and 413 have been lost. The Most matches won in one single season were 16 wins out of 26 matches in season 2011-2012 when Gudja United were promoted from 2nd to 1st Division after finishing in the 2nd Place. The Most matches lost in 1 single season were 21 losses out of 26 matches in season 2015-2016 when Gudja United were relegated from the 1st to the 2nd Division after finishing in the last place. In season 2014-2015 Gudja United registered the amount of most matches finished with neither team being the winning one with a total of 8 drawn matches. The most goals scored in one single season were scored in season 2011-2012 with a total of 57 goals scored whilst 76 goals were conceded in season 2015-2016 to make it the season with most goals conceded in one single season.

The worst ever position ranked by end of season was recorded by the end of season 2000-2001 when Gudja placed in the 14th position out of 16 teams in the modern 3rd Division, whilst the best ever ranked position for Gudja United was recorded in season 1988-1989 when it placed 3rd out of 9 teams in the modern 1st Division when in the promotion Decider lost to Zebbug Rangers 2-4 after penalties (match ended 0-0).

Whilst waiting for Monday's 1000th result, Gudja United FC is currently sitting in the 3rd place in the Maltese 1st Division.

Written by Malcolm Bugeja

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