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Gudja United consolidate second place

Saturday 2 March 2019

 Gudja United consolidate second place

Gudja score 3 past Marsa and consolidate the second place.

As was predicted, the technical difference between both teams was evident from the start. Gudja showed their superiority and took matters into their own hands immediately, leaving to Marsa only some brief and rare moments, but the first goal was late in arriving.

The Marsa goalkeeper looked in good shape as some scoring opportunities happened to Llywelyn Cremona (twice), Raphael Kooh Sohna, Firas Aboulezz, Jackson Lima and Dhonatan Santos but all efforts were either missed or successfully stopped by Marsa goalkeeper.

At the 30th minute, Gudja took the lead as Dhonatan Santos Da Hora tried his luck from just outside the box with a low curved shot but his effort hit the woodwork. From the rebound the Marsa goalkeeper failed to hold on to the ball whilst MIGUEL ATTARD was quick to react and put Gudja 1 up.

Gudja continued dominating their opponents and saw another two clear opportunities being missed. Emerson Vella was the first to arrive on a Jackson Lima's free kick, but the goalkeeper made a fine save just on the line, whilst Dhonatan Santos Da Hora hit the post for the second time, this time from a header.

At the 40th minute from the events of a short corner, Jackson Lima found JONATHAN BONDIN on the second post and with a fine header he made it 2-0.

The second half was a replica of the first one with a lot of missed chances and some other fine saves by the Marsa goalkeeper. JACKSON LIMA scored the third one at the 80th minute from a direct corner from the left side.

At the 84th minute the Gudja spectators witnessed a beautiful gesture as Goalkeeper Matthew Xerxen came on to replace Jonathan Debono in the Gudja post with Captain Jonathan Bondin immediately honouring him with the Captain's armband.

Matthew Xerxen is a former Gudja United FC Captain having played for the Club for a long 16 years. He just returned to 11 a side football this season after he enjoyed a futsal experience for the past three years in which he won all possible local trophies.

Written by Malcolm Bugeja


  • Jonathan Debono
  • Jurgen Farrugia
  • Emerson Vella
  • Jonathan Bondin ⚽ 45'
  • Miguel Attard ⚽ 39'
  • Cremona Llywelyn
  • Jackson Lima ⚽ 84'
  • Aboulezz Firas
  • Dhonatan Santos Da Hora
  • Leejoe Schembri
  • Rafael Kooh Sohna
  • Coach: Josef Mansueto
  Formation against Marsa


  • Matthew Xerxen
  • Mauro Bonnici
  • Luca Martinelli
  • Shalon Diacono
  • Peter Paul Sammut
  • Ayrton Mizzi
  • Luke Micallef


  • Referee: Sandro Spiteri
  • Assistant: Darko Stankovic
  • Assistant: Robert Curtis

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