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Gudja United held by Lija Athletic

Saturday 9 March 2019

  Gudja United held by Lija Athletic

Gudja United and Lija Athletic shared one point each in this weekend's opening fixture.

Lija were the better side in the first half. They took early control in the match leaving Gudja almost nothing to do other than to chase them. Their pressing was very high and continuously forced Gudja to give away the ball carelessly.

After a couple of good opportunities, Lija Athletic took the lead in the 28th minute following a fine breakthrough from the left side. Gudja tried to react but the only highlight of the first half was when the Lija captain handled the ball in his own box, but the match official saw nothing wrong with it.

The initial minutes into the second half showed that Lija were still the superior side, but by the 60th minute Gudja started improving drastically. A few minutes later Gudja were unfortunately denied by the post whilst later on Rafa Kooh Sohna found the back of the net but his goal was disallowed for offside.

RAFA KOOH SOHNA equalised for Gudja 15 minutes from time. It was a quick break that saw Firas Aboulezz play the ball with Miguel Attard who advanced on the left flank and with a low cross found Rafa Kooh Sohna who made it 1-1.

In the dying minutes of the match Lija were constrained to defend their box from the oncoming Gudja attacks, but late opportunities by Jackson Lima, Rafa Kooh Sohna and Dhonatan Santos Da Hora were not enough to get the 3 points.

Match report: Malcolm Bugeja


  • Jonathan Debono
  • Miguel Attard
  • Adolphus Nagbe Marshall
  • Jonathan Bondin
  • Luca Martinelli
  • Cremona Llywelyn
  • Jackson Lima
  • Aboulezz Firas
  • Ayrton Mizzi
  • Leejoe Schembri
  • Rafael Kooh Sohna ⚽ 74'
  • Coach: Josef Mansueto
  Formation against Lija


  • Matthew Xerxen
  • Mauro Bonnici
  • Jurgen Farrugia
  • Shalon Diacono
  • Dhonatan Santos da Hora
  • Emerson Vella
  • Luke Micallef


  • Referee: Paul Toledo
  • Assistant: Jurgen Spiteri
  • Assistant: Ezekiel Barbara

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