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Gudja United into the FA Trophy quarterfinals

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Rundell Winchester outrunning one of Victoria Hotspur's players Photo: Paul Scicluna


Gudja made it to the fourth round following a 3-0 win over Lija Athletic. On the other hand, Victoria Hotspurs won 5-3 against Zebbug Rangers.

Josef Mansueto’s side broke the deadlock on the 14th minute through AIDAN FRIGGIERI.

The Gozitan team hit back and equalised on the 51st minute. It was Elston Alexandre da Silva who managed to put the ball past Glenn Zammit.

However, the Hotspurs suffered a setback on the 55th minute as Henrique de Souza Maciel was sent off by the referee.

This made it easier for Gudja United to score two other goals that sealed their qualification.

First, it was EDISON ZARATE who converted a penalty to regain Gudja’s lead on the 68th minute.

Six minutes later, RUNDELL WINCHESTER sealed Gudja’s qualification.

Gudja were also reduced to ten men on the 80th minute since Imanol Gonzalez was shown a red card.

Match report: Warren Zammit (Malta Today)


  • Glenn Zammit
  • Imanol Gozales
  • Jurgen Farrugia
  • Juan Bolanos
  • Justin Grioli
  • Edison Bilbao Zarate ⚽
  • Anderson De Barros
  • Llywelyn Cremona
  • Aidan Friggieri ⚽
  • Rodrigues Ferreira Nivaldo
  • Rundell Winchester ⚽
  • Coach: Josef Mansueto


  • Jonathan Debono
  • Matthew Xerxen
  • James Brincat
  • Jonathan Bondin
  • Zack Cassar
  • Miguel Jimenez
  • Hubert Vella

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